Mom (moving_on) wrote,

mother of four

i'm mother of four for the summer.

today we do groceries. the freezer is getting low - hrmmmm, i dreamt of defrosting a fridge last night.....well, defrosting two, really. that sounds like a great idea before filling it up again.

i see a chiropractor on monday - my back has been grieving me for over two weeks - usually problems only last a day or two. i've never been to a chiropractor, so it should be an experience.

wednesday we'll watch fireworks at the local park - weather permitting. it should be fine - actually we're supposed to have a heat wave starting on sunday. a heat wave is 3 days over 90 degrees (F, obviously) it has been hot here, and it's finally getting dry enough that farmers have been doing hay and have most of the corn planted. some are going to plant sorghum rather than corn, as it's too late for most corn.

thursday (our national holiday) we'll go to a family gathering at the lake. dad has an inflatable tube for pulling behind the boat, the boys may also try the kneeboard or water skis.

next saturday we plan to go to the rennaissance festival ( as we have tickets to buy-one-get-one-free for that day.

oldest son takes driver's ed starting on monday - it will be every day for a month. we have to check out his bike so he can get to his class - either that or he'll have to sit around a couple of hours so i can drive him up before i go to work, and maybe he can catch a ride home. it will not be an easy month.

okay - off to water the flowers, see if i can defrost the freezer, check out the bike, prepare breakfast, and on with the day. i hope everyone else has a good day.
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