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complain, complain, complian - we've been waiting on the ex all yesterday and again today for him to come get a child. I've nothing nice to say about him right now. he's also behind on 2 child support checks.

loading up the laundry today i came to the realization that most people are stupid to ever have kids. i'm watching my partner's daughter trying to cope - neither parent is much of a parent, grandma is nagging all the time - why have a kid if no one is mature enough to be a good parent. and me - why did i have kids with "him"? what poor decision making i had - chosing this person to be their father. it's a wonder so many of us ever survive.

bad day - partner's work supervisor is jerking him around with unbelievable hours changed at the last minute, my sister got laid off, i am frustrated with my boss, grandma was gone for two days but is home now chiding the child every two minutes...

i'm ready for a vacation. i need a break, some peace and quiet.

things only happen if i make i'd better jump to it.

- at least i have a clean freezer now full of good things - yesterday was productive.
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