Mom (moving_on) wrote,

ah - chiropractor today. let's hope he does something helpful. it's been 2 1/2 weeks of this lower back pain. he'll probably just tell me it's due to some extra weight, but better to face reality than be in a painful dream state.

do you ever wonder if the roots of our problems are in the stars? i'm a virgo - critical and demanding, needing to be in control....and i wonder if i were only born a month earlier or later would i be more laid back....okay, so not if i were a month earlier, but a month later might work.

went to bed early yesterday - i got from the couch to get a shower, and when i came back my partner's daughter had taken my spot by his side - there had been three of us on the couch with him in the middle, but they had taken over my space while I was out. grumpy me - not about to reclaim my spot.

stupid me - jealous of a 10 year old. he cuddles more with her than with me, but i'm not very loveable lately, either. when he was kissing her hair i got up to take a break - i remember snuggling with my boys but for some reason an adult male resting his face in his child's hair for several moments and then kissing her hair makes me sick. i'm glad he loves her, and i'm glad they aren't afraid to show affection, and i'm glad she's able to work out the conflicting feelings of anger and lover for her dad. as an adult i can't do that - i get too stuck in my anger. it's my virgo trait i most dislike, but at the same time i love the protection it affords.

did i say i'm glad it's monday so i can go to the chiropractor?...i hope he can do something so i can sit up straight. on with the day, hope everyone else's is wonderful.
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