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moving_on's Journal

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11 September
Married a long time, three children, divorced. Marriage busted up do to sexual incompatibility (ex is transgender). Now I'm in another relationship and am continually learning what it is like to have a happier and healthier relationship full of acceptance, support, and love. I'm still trying to make sense out of life, and fulfill the purpose I'm believing I have. Parenting is important to me, and I'm thrilled to have three teen boys who are the pride of my life, and a step daughter who has not quite yet entered the fabulous teens. Fall 2003 brings college for my oldest child. Together the boys and I work to bring integrity into our lives, and daily we discuss their frustrations with their birth father. My partner and stepdaughter brighten our lives daily, and together we continue our journey into life. I have two cats to enlighten my quiet moments. I enjoy playing my instruments (guitar, piano, clarinet, flute), singing, and home remodeling. Some day I hope to run a spiritual retreat offering healing for those seeking spiritual growth.

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